PureNotes provides next-generation sound enhancement technology by implementing unique, automatic noise removal algorithms in professional & consumer digital audio products.

We license our algorithms to OEM’s, and provide “porting” expertise & services so that our software runs on the required DSP. We also license the software to chip manufacturers so that they can have the latest noise reduction technology “on chip”.

New technologies such as headphone-based (“close to ear”) products and super audio CD (SACD) are making digital audio noise more “visible” to the consumer. Sound enhancement through our sophisticated and automatic noise reduction techniques can solve this problem and we can enhance the user experience without changing the original musical signal.Technically speaking we have demonstrated 20dB, and in extreme cases over 40dB, improvement in signal to noise ratio without adding artefacts. Imagine your noisy (digitally re-mastered) 70’s favourite CD suddenly sounding like a true DDD recording – at the touch of a button. The “PureNotes” button.

Depending on the algorithm and application, the processing is carried out per-sample, per-frame or a mixture of both. Most of the processing is directed at the automated discrimination process which adaptively tracks the noise profile.

Hear The Difference

There are many alternative audio restoration systems, offering click, noise and hiss removal. These systems have their roots in noise fingerprinting and modeling algorithms – both relying on a priori knowledge of the audio.

We believe PureNotes technology provides much higher quality audio than traditional approaches while being very easy to use. The proof If you want to hear the difference you can download the .wav files from our demo page or ask for a demo CD. We can also provide a sample noise removal service. Hear it for yourself now: Hear the difference!